The decreasing costs of DNA arrays such as this one may revolutionize personalized medicine.

DNA sequencing will probably have its biggest impact in personalized medicine for industrialized countries. Using a patient's genes to determine the dosage or type of medicine would help personalize medicine. DNA sequencing can also be used to assess risk of possible future diseases that a patient may have in the future, leading to the possibility of making lifestyle changes to diminish or eliminate the probability of developing diseases. Future diagnoses may include attempts to predict diseases based on tiny differences between genes of closely related people. Currently, DNA sequencing is used in gene tests to discover if individuals have the genes of harmful diseases. In the future, it may also allow researchers to discover cures to diseases with a strong genetic basis such as Alzheimer's disease and several different cancers. Patients may be able to use a multitude of drugs tailored for their own genes.  (5) (6) (36)

DNA sequencing has also had a significant impact on the economies of industrialized countries. Taking the United States as a case study, a recent report shows that the United States spent $3.8 billion on the Human Genome Project over a period spanning several decades, leading to a total economic impact of $796 billion dollars, with $244 billion generated in personal income. If the Human Genome Project is viewed solely as an investment, it was highly successful. Currently, the entire U.S. genomics-based industry is already worth a combined $16.5 billion and creates 116,000 jobs annually. Yet, the report predicts much greater growth in the future, since genomics is just a nascent industry. Furthermore, gene technology can lead to a minimization of money wasted on needless medicines by prescribing personalized medicine and preventing future diseases. (need reference!) Genomics-based industry has a promising future. (4) (6) (26)

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